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Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday End of the Season Soccer Blogging 

Saturday was YW's last soccer game of the season. Since we weren't keeping score we have no need to note that the Stingers got shelled something like 4-nil. But it was a nicely muddy field so everybody got really dirty.


And since it was the last game of the season we had to have the End of the Season Pizza Party at a local pizza establishment. And as the coach it was obviously my duty to make a soccer ball cake. This task was made easier by the BettyCrockerBakeAndFill cake pan system being a part of our kitchen establishment (and listening to YW say it, it is one long word). For months whenever an ad for BKBnF would come on the TV (you have to watch the right channels for that to happen. Luckily we watch a lot of Nickolodeon and Cartoon Network), YW would write the 800 number down on a piece of paper and tell me that I absolutely had to call and order that fabulous product. Finally, around his Birthday I gave in. One of the pans that comes with the BKBnF cake pan system is a hemisphere which allows the cook (that would be me) to make cakes that look like a ball (well, part of a ball anyway).

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