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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pray for snow 


Last summer the Nuclear Family took a vacation trip up to Lake Tahoe. One of the things you can do if you're up at the North end of the lake is a self-guided float down the first 4 miles of the Mighty Truckee River (which, I assume you know, has Lake Tahoe as its head-waters). This stretch of river is so placid that they will let you take a 3 year old in the boat. That being said the water does from time to time get moving fast enough to be moderately exciting.

Digression: I met MLWN around Christmas time the winter after my last summer of guiding. She had been rafting before, but we had never before been in the same boat.
As we were riding the bus back to the put-in MLWN said, "Why don't we own one of those?" Well that seemed like a very good question, so since September I've been browsing the appropriate section of eBay (previous reconnaissance had shown that whitewater companies divest themselves of surplus boats in the fall). After a couple of false starts I finally had the high bid on a reasonable boat and now I'm the proud owner of a 13' Riken Pioneer. Woot! Now all I need is all the equipment that goes along with the rubber itself: paddles, PFDs, a hand-pump, various ropes, etc.

Your task, internets, is to pray for a good snow pack in the Sierras this winter so Hank and Family can have big fun floating down Northern California's scenic rivers next summer. Thanks.


And don't forget to be careful when you're out on the water.

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