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Friday, November 04, 2005

YW, it's time to go! 

Time for a daddy post on what is supposed to be at least a bit of a daddy blog.

Getting YW out the door for school in the morning has been a bit of a challenge lately. He likes to get out of bed and then lie down on the couch until the threat level has reached a high enough pitch to get him moving to the breakfast table or to his room to pick out his clothes. Monday was particularly stressful for everyone involved. There were tears and lamentations.

When I picked him up on Monday I asked if he liked being yelled at in the morning. In his opinion it was not the best of all possible worlds. I informed him that I didn't like yelling at him myself. Then I told him my new plan:

The next day (and all school days after that) I planned to wake him up at his regular time. I would then inform him of the time remaining before departure. At intervals I would tell him of the time remaining. At departure time he goes to the car. If he wanted to lie on the couch and go to school with no breakfast and wearing his pajamas that was just fine with me. The thrust of the plan being that he is in charge of himself and that I didn't want to yell in the morning anymore.
He got all big-eyed at the thought of going to school in his pajamas (or naked, I mentioned that possibility as well). We've have executed this plan every day for the remainder of the week and it has worked like a charm. He's been ready to go: fast broken, dressed, teeth brushed, backpack packed at least 15 minutes before departure time every day. I like the new morning routine a lot. But in the back of my mind I think that eventually he's going to backslide and I'll have to pull the trigger on heading out to the car in whatever state he happens to be.

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