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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Here's The Thing... 

So here's the thing with the President Dumbass and the Illegal Spying and the push to reauthorize the PATRIOT act. Cast your mind back to October/November 2001. We were awash with news reports about how the Feds had enough separate bits of information in their hands to have arrested some of hijackers. Doing that would probably have uncovered most of the others. There was no shortage of information on which to base some vigorous police related program activities. The problem was that different parts of the government had different pieces of the puzzle and when underlings tried to make their bosses put things together the bosses didn't do anything (was her name Rowley?).

If we really want to fight terrorism (A debatable proposition for the current administration (Osama Who?)), then the last thing we need is even more worthless information decreasing the signal to noise ratio. We need people to act on the good information that pre-9/11 law is capable of producing.

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