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Monday, January 16, 2006

Rule of Thumb 

Here's another one of Hank's patented Parenting MethodsTM: The more that 7 year-old YW says he really doesn't want to do something, the more fun he is going to have when we do the actual activity. A classic is going to the zoo. "I don't want to go to the zoo! I hate the zoo. We always go there and it's no fun." Then he runs at full speed all over the place deciding which is the coolest animal that particular day.

The latest one was the ice skating party he went to on Saturday. He'd never been ice skating before so naturally he was just going to hate it. I convinced him that he should just take the half-hour lesson that was part of the party package. Then next week when MLWN is available for skating (she competed at figure skating in Jr high school and was bummed that she couldn't go to the party), he could go skating with her. He agreed. When we got to the rink he said he didn't even want to take the lesson. Paternal authority prevailed and he got some skates then he saw a couple of other party-attending friends of his and he dashed out onto the ice. When they shut down the rink an hour and a half later I managed to convince him that it was OK to take off his skates.

The best part of all this is that I've told him that the more he complains the more I think he's going to like whatever the focus of his complaints is. It just makes him complain more.

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