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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Darn These Small Town Newspapers 

Here in Pacifica we have a newspaper: The Pacifica Tribune. It's published once a week. That's not so bad, not much news-worthy stuff happens on day-to-day. But when something that is news-worthy happens in the afternoon on a Tuesday (the paper comes out on Wednesday), then you have to wait a whole week to find anything out.

Last night on my way to pick up YW from daycare, I had to squeeze past a red VW beetle that was completely on fire in the right hand North-bound lane of Highway 1 (in a section of divided-by-concrete-barriers road). As I passed it I could see flashing lights of the fire engines trying to get through the back-up behind me. Careful examination as I went by showed nobody in the car, so I stifled my Good Samaritan instincts and kept on going. A few minutes later as I headed South on the way home with the boys, we saw the fire fighters putting the finishing touches on dousing the blaze.

So what's the story? I don't know because it was too minor to make the Chron and too late on Tuesday to make the Trib. Dang. Maybe it won't be such old news next week that it will make the paper.

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