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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Looking For Work... 

sucks. I heard from my latest interview that I didn't get the job. At this interview I was one of two final candidates and at my previous interview I was one of three. I got neither job. Dang. I did just apply for a job down in Santa Barbara. It's been open for a while. I hope that they just haven't found the right person yet rather than being too slothful to take the ad down from the website.

It would be OK to live in SB again. Who knows I might bump into the world-famous bloggers Cookie Jill (of Skippy The Bush Kangaroo) who seems to have moved back to town and TBogg (when he actually relocates there).

Update: I just got an automated response from the person in SB. She's at sea until Friday and I should consider sending a new e-mail after she's back so that my message is not lost in the clutter of accumulated-while-out-of-the-office e-mails.

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