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Monday, April 10, 2006

You Heard It Here First 

If Bush goes ahead with the threat to bomb Iran out of its Nuclear Ambitions this is what will happen: Iran will stage a conventional invasion of Iraq while the Shiite insurgents (who, by the way, haven't been nearly the pain in the ass to Americans that the Sunnis have) will go wild targeting American troops.

We will then be in a World of Shit. In an even shooting match (or even a lopsided one for that matter) the American Army can slaughter the Iranian Army. But. But American forces are currently scattered all over Iraq trying to keep the lid on the insurgency. If the Shiites make it difficult to move units around, the Army will be unable to concentrate to fight a conventional enemy and the various battalions will be mopped up piecemeal by Divisions of Iranians. And that will be that.

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