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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kid Blogging 

The Ditch

Here's a snap of the Boys at The Ditch. Having recently started a real job as an employee I have about 1 day of accrued vacation. MLWN having worked at the same place for quite some time has a couple months of accrued vacation. She needed a vacation, so she and the boys and her parents rendezvoused in Las Vegas, rented a minivan and did a 1400 mile loop around the Colorado Plateau while I stayed back on the Peninsula and worked while living vicariously through intermittent cell phone conversations. Their first stop after leaving Vegas was The Grand Canyon. Have you been there? It's great. You should go. They made it as far as Arches National Monument. Have you been there? You should go. It's great. In between they saw some dinosaur footprints (outside Cameron) and Capitol Reef and Bryce and Zion and Monument Valley and Hoover Dam (not in that order).

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