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Friday, June 29, 2007

That's A New One... 

I was perusing my junk mail folder this evening and found a new twist on the classic 419 phishing scheme. You know the one:

Dear Sucker,

I am sitting on a pile of cash that I'm trying to get
out of Country X. If you agree to be the front man we can
split the money.

Bad Person.

Digression; does anybody fall for these anymore? I can see that if you were the first person to ever get this e-mail you might be tempted to go for it. But now?

But back to the new twist. This one purported to be from a lawyer (barrister?) in England and he represents the estate of one of the victims of the London Subway Blasts. All I have to do say I'm the next of kin and I can get 40% of 11,000,000 Pounds. He gets 50% and the remaining 10% goes to overhead. Such a deal. I was tempted to try messing with him, but he doesn't check his e-mail very often. He said I should call him instead. And the phone number is even in Great Britain. Talk about attention to detail!

Hi Hank.
I would like to have the address lindamar.
it is possible that you use another address in order to help me?
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